Science Project Evaluation Rubric

Category Scoring Criteria Points Possible
Project ContentTitle Slide This slide features the title of the presentation and includes the student's name, section, student number, teacher's name, and school. 2
Purpose of Your Project This slide provides a statement that makes the project topic clear to the audience. If project is an experiment, the problem is worded in terms of the independent variable. 3
Variables Controlled, independent, and dependent variables are correctly identified. 5
Hypothesis Logical hypothesis is stated bonus
Materials Specific materials and amounts are listed. 5
Procedure List all steps used in experiment. Steps are numbered. 10
Observations/ Data Written observations are complete and accurate. 10
Charts, diagrams, graphs, or photographs are included. Data is clearly labeled. 10
Photo or Project Specific photograph of completed project with presenter OR project displayed to class. 10
Conclusion Conclusions are adequately summarized. Concusions are supported by the data. Mistakes have been considered. 10
Background Information 3 to 5 research findings are included. 5
Quotation marks begin and end copied statements, and the reference number from the Internet Reference slide follows each statement. 5
Internet References 3 to 5 references are listed. References are alphabetical and numbered. MLA format is followed. 5
Presentation Slide Composition Correct grammar, spelling, punctuation 5
Visual appearance: Text is easily read from center of classroom. Color combinations make information easy to read. 5
Visual additions Graphics, transitions, animations appropriately used (not distracting). No sound effects. bonus
Oral Presentation Student speaks loudly and clearly. Student gives more information than appears on the slides. Student does not read slides to audience. 10
Total Points 100