Biology Summary
Dye It Yourself—Naturally!.pdf Explore various natural dyes extracted from common plants, fruits, and vegetables and their relationships to different fabrics.
Experiments in Human Vision.pdf Conduct an experiment to determine the location of the blind spot, the dominant eye, retinal afterimages, and depth perception in humans.
Geotropism in Germinating Bean Seeds.pdf Examine the effects of gravity and water on the growth of a bean seed root.
Growing One-Celled Organisms.pdf Observe and record the growth of yeast cells and the by-products of fermentation.
Household Chemicals and the Environment Conduct an experiment to determine the effect of varying concentrations of household chemicals on the emergence of seedlings.
Leaves Can Make Photographs.pdf Transfer an image from a black-and-white negative to a plant leaf then explore how the products of photosynthesis makes that transfer possible.
Make Your Own Yogurt.pdf Explore the physical and chemical conditions necessary for bacteria to form yogurt.
Osmosis and Imbibition of Water.pdf Compare the processes of osmosis and imbibition by recording the movement of water through a potato and noting changes in the sizes of lima bean seeds submerged in water
Speeding Up Nature's Green Machine.pdf Determine the physical and chemical conditions necessary to increase the rate of photosynthesis in elodea plants.
The Effect of Environmental Factors on Mold Growth.pdf Design an experiment to determine the necessary conditions for optimal mold growth on a piece of bread.
The Effect of Soil pH on Plant Growth.pdf Determine how pH affects the growth of radish and bean plants over a two to four week period.
The Great Fruit Juice Contest.pdf Use a simple titration test to calculate the concentration of vitamin C in different fruit juices. Also, determine the effect of heat on vitamin C concentration.
The Raw-Egg Mystery.pdf Use the classic raw-egg-and-vinegar experiment to explore the movement of substances across a selectively permeable cell membrane.
Variations on a Human Face.pdf Using the principle laws of genetics, have two individuals determine the facial characteristics of a hypothetical offspring.
Wings and Arms.pdf Explore the movement of skeletal muscles through the dissection of a fresh chicken wing and the observation of a human arm.