To the teacher:

Many acitivites are self-explanatory and contain follow-up questions. Answers to the questions are found within the explanation. Consider requiring students to copy the explanatory paragraph as part of the follow-up activity. Because of the nature of these activities grades can be based on a 5 point scale. Perfect papers receive 5 points (A), 4 points (B), 3 points (D). After a few low grades students usually begin to read the explanation carefully before answering the questions.

Chemistry multiple labs (PDFs) Reappearing Coin (PDF) 16k Soda Acid Fire Extinguisher (PDF) 8k
Air Pressure multiple labs (PDFs) Ball and Ring (PDF) 8k Glass Bridges/Adhesion (PDF) 8k
Measurement 32k multiple labs (PDFs) Induced Magnetism (PDF) 8k A Simple Galvanometer (PDF) 8k
Magnetism (PDF) 84k multiple labs The Deflecting Compass (PDF) 8k A Practice Laboratory Report (PDF) 8k
Density (PDF) dichotomous key 47k


 * Activities marked as (PDF) are displayed in PDF format. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to open the file. Those files not so identified will open as a regular html file.

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